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9 Months, 100 Followers and 70 Posts Later…

I can't believe I've been doing this nine months already. But yep, the other day I tipped over the 100 followers benchmark, and that seemed like a fitting time to reflect on my blogging journey so far. I want to talk about how things have changed and what I've learned since I started this in… Continue reading 9 Months, 100 Followers and 70 Posts Later…

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How to Write Fantasy Heroes

More than any other genre, fantasy is a place where people like to build big plots. After all, the world is literally yours to make: everything from the mountains to the countries to the person living in that tiny house on that farm - it's yours, built from scratch. We all want to impress people… Continue reading How to Write Fantasy Heroes


To People Who Think Adult Fantasy Has No Value

I'm not mad at you, don't worry. But I do think you're wrong. There are two arguments I see people trot out when they're bashing fantasy. They are: In a fantasy story, anything can happen, so you can't make a plot with stakes. And: Fantasy fiction has no bearing on the real world, so it… Continue reading To People Who Think Adult Fantasy Has No Value


How To Do A Fantasy Middle Correctly, With Help From Theoden King

I presume you're writing a book, right? Well, not right now. But in general. Maybe you're just brainstorming it? If so, you'll know about the dreaded middle. The beginning and end are relatively easy because they have set structures: inciting incident, pinch points, dark night of the soul, climax, denuement, etc. That's not to say… Continue reading How To Do A Fantasy Middle Correctly, With Help From Theoden King

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What I Wrote In February 2020

Hello and welcome! You're very lucky, because this is my first monthly update to feature my new and swanky word tracker chart. There's no hiding for me: every single word I wrote (and didn't write) is recorded on the graph below. Oh, and if you're interested in what I wrote last month, here's that post.… Continue reading What I Wrote In February 2020

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How to market your book

If you want to achieve the dream of living off the income from your self-published books, you need to sell a lot of copies. Fortunately for us, we have free, first-hand access to the largest book market ever invented: Amazon. (That's if you aren't bothered about giving them even more money, anyway.) However, there are… Continue reading How to market your book