The Shield Road

A thief. A princess. A warrior. A Bladekin.

They wander the world alone, encountering fire and shadow wraiths, moss barons and secret royal agents. They each have their own problems, their own missions. They walk the shield road.

But the discovery of a certain artifact sets things in motion which will bring them together, to prevent the return of an evil long thought defeated.

The Shield Road‘ is a collection of 14 fantasy short stories which take place chronologically in the same world. Characters, objects and themes from early stories reappear later on, and though each story is self-contained, they come together as part of an overarching plot at the end.

This was my lockdown project. With no choice but to sit inside for months, I really wanted to write something that fought against that – a story about adventure, about people travelling across the world. I wanted to write something fun.


If you aren’t ready to make the leap yet (or just want to whet your appetite), here are what reviewers have been saying about the book:


I did a couple of blog posts about the wider world of The Shield Road in the run-up to release! If you’re interested in those, look below:


The Shield Road is now live and able to be purchased internationally in both paperback and ebook from Amazon or in ebook from Kobo.



Kobo has a much wider range of stores than Amazon. Go to this page on to find your country’s shop, and either search “The Shield Road Dewi Hargreaves” in the search bar or add “ebook/the-shield-road” to your shop’s URL.