Map Art Commissions

I usually make maps for authors to go in the front matter of books, but I’m completely open to doing maps for display too. Just drop me a message for a rough price estimate!

Fantasy maps are my most common order, but I’m perfectly happy to work on historical, contemporary and sci-fi maps, too.

The Process

For rates, look below. When making a map, I need some form of reference so I know what you want. I ask for a simple sketch so I can be as accurate to your vision as possible. If you have a couple of paragraphs of information about your world, that’s good too. As I go, I’ll keep in touch with you, showing you my progress, asking questions about things which are unclear to me and asking you to suggest changes. I’ll send you in-progress images at a lower resolution than the final image: once you’re happy with the map, I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal and send you the full-resolution image in both .jpg and .png formats.

After that, you’ll own the copyright to the image and can do what you like with it. I may ask permission to show a watermarked image in my portfolio here and sometimes on social media, but that decision is up to you.

I prefer to work through Twitter messaging, because it’s easier for us to get a hold of each other fast, but I’m also happy to work via email.

If you’re unable to use PayPal, let me know and we can work out another method of payment.


I currently charge a flat price rather than by hour, so I can give a definite price to you before we start. I may change my rates in future. Currency is Pounds Sterling (GBP).

(A 6″ by 9″ canvas is a standard size for a single page of a print book; a 12″ by 9″ canvas covers two pages. If you know your specific page size and image size requirements, let me know and I can use those instead.)

  • £75: Black and white map on a 6″ by 9″ canvas.
  • £80: Parchment-style map on a 6″ by 9″ canvas.
  • £90: Full colour map on a 6″ by 9″ canvas.
  • £85: Black and white map on a 12″ by 9″ canvas.
  • £90: Parchment-style map on a 12″ by 9″ canvas.
  • £100: Full colour map on a 12″ by 9″ canvas.

Special Deals and Revisions

If you’ve ordered a parchment-style or full colour map, you can order a black and white version for £15.

I do two rounds of revisions for free. A ’round’ is me sending you the map as it currently looks, you suggesting a list of changes, and me getting back to you with the updated image. Subsequent revision rounds are £5 each.

For custom sizes or other styles, feel free to get in touch with me and I’ll give you a price! You can send me an email via my contact page, or you can message me on Twitter (@Dewiwrites).