What Medieval Peasants Ate (With Recipes)

We often think of Medieval peasants as living utterly terrible lives - and for the most part, they did. From what we know if their diets, however, they probably didn't eat as badly as we tend to think. When peasants are shown in modern media, they're often shown living off of a really meagre diet… Continue reading What Medieval Peasants Ate (With Recipes)


The History of Kissing (In Europe)

Kissing's a strange thing. We tend to think it's innate, that it's natural for humans to do it - but it's not. There are still cultures today where kissing is not done at all. I know very little about non-Western kissing, other than that it appears in early Indian texts and seems to have been… Continue reading The History of Kissing (In Europe)


How We Buy Food (And How We Used To)

We've all been to one of those old-fashioned candy shops, haven't we? You walk up to a large, heavy wooden desk, chat to the shopkeeper and tell them what sweets you'd like, and how much of each. They (or their assistant) then take the sweets from their storage jars, weigh them out, bag them for… Continue reading How We Buy Food (And How We Used To)


Edward II And The Necromancer Who Tried To Kill Him

When I was at uni, I spent an awful lot of time digging through dusty old books. Our uni library was perfect for someone like me: the history section had loads of history journals and Victorian reprints of medieval documents, and the law section had a whole row dedicated to the records of the Court… Continue reading Edward II And The Necromancer Who Tried To Kill Him


Collectivism and Individualism in European Literature

When we look at European history through a modern lens, it seems apparent that Western culture has always placed great value on personal achievement. Recent discourse in some historical circles has pointed out the persistently individualistic nature of Western attitudes—many events tied into colonialism, for example, were rooted not only in a desire to better… Continue reading Collectivism and Individualism in European Literature

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Cooking Corn Fritters And Frikadeller!

I've got the house to myself this week (the fam are on holiday), so I've taken the opportunity to try cooking some new foods! I've taken some recipes friends have given me and had a go at cooking them, without googling pictures beforehand to see what they should look like. A fun challenge! And I… Continue reading Cooking Corn Fritters And Frikadeller!

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Make Yourself a Coat of Arms

I've been trying to make a personal coat of arms (or achievement, as it's properly known) for a long time now. First thing's first: in the UK and many other countries, you can't just go ahead and design your own coat of arms. To officially acquire one, you have to have one presented to you… Continue reading Make Yourself a Coat of Arms