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Review: The Garden of the Golden Children

Garden is a haunting book. It deals with some heavy topics, specifically child abuse - and I'll be talking about that part of the book. Just a heads up. (Side note: I appreciate that the publisher put a specific warning about this in the front matter. We should see this more often.) Between the experimental… Continue reading Review: The Garden of the Golden Children

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A Year As A Freelance Mapmaker

I've talked about this before, but I want to briefly go over how I ended up as an illustrator. After falling out of uni with an English/History degree and no plan whatsoever, I ended up freelance writing for basically peanuts. That dried up, I had a months-long crisis of drafting a novel and no income… Continue reading A Year As A Freelance Mapmaker


Why Did The Queen Speak To Parliament?

A new parliament started yesterday, so I thought I'd talk about parliamentary beginnings, endings, and the history of how this complicated system came about. Yesterday was the Queen's Speech, which takes place every year in the spring. It's usually a day of great pageantry and ceremony, though because of the coronavirus, today's speech is going… Continue reading Why Did The Queen Speak To Parliament?

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Inspiration: How Medieval Towns Worked

A lot of fantasy writers draw inspiration from medieval Europe - or what they think is medieval Europe. This means kings with absolute authority, dirty peasants, shifty merchants, grubby towns and - besides a handful of inept town guards who seem to work directly for the king or local lord - a total lack of… Continue reading Inspiration: How Medieval Towns Worked