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How To End A Short Story – With Examples From The Mandalorian

People ask me from time to time how to write a short story. "I start off well, with a setting and characters and an interesting situation," they tell me, "but it just gets bigger. Before I know it I have another novel." In my opinion, the actual writing of a short story isn't all that… Continue reading How To End A Short Story – With Examples From The Mandalorian

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The Most Chaotic Pantser In The World

We write differently. We all have our own processes, things that work for us and things that don't. Some are more chaotic than others. Being a chaotic writer is a challenge all in itself. As someone who doesn't do much outlining, its easy to feel like your way of writing isn't legitimate, that you aren't… Continue reading The Most Chaotic Pantser In The World

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How to Write Fantasy Heroes

More than any other genre, fantasy is a place where people like to build big plots. After all, the world is literally yours to make: everything from the mountains to the countries to the person living in that tiny house on that farm - it's yours, built from scratch. We all want to impress people… Continue reading How to Write Fantasy Heroes

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The College Interview

Last year I lived in Portsmouth, a city on England's south coast. The most densely populated urban area in Western Europe, if you believe Google - more dense than Inner London. It didn't really suit a loner like me, but I still came to love the place, and it was great hearing the raucous chant… Continue reading The College Interview

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My First YouTube Video (Why I Like Fantasy)

Yeah, I bit the bullet and made a video. The first one I attemped wasn't very good. I read from a script, and it really sounded like it. Blah. But I have like 30 draft blog posts for this blog now (most are just titles or notes for when I come to write them). I… Continue reading My First YouTube Video (Why I Like Fantasy)

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Keep Writing

I'm in a mood to say stuff today. Stuff that might motivate you. Stuff that might scare you. But it's stuff I strongly feel I need to say. There are lots of things people don't understand about writing. There's a kind of mysticism that surrounds writers and the act of writing. The 'muse', as some… Continue reading Keep Writing