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Why I Chose to Publish Indie

I've noticed the old traditional vs indie publishing debate is swirling around Twitter again, so I thought I'd add my thoughts to it, as someone who chose indie publishing, and explain why I did. I think writers are generally neurotic people, and when it comes to publishing, we fall into two camps of anxiety: First,… Continue reading Why I Chose to Publish Indie

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How I Became A Freelance Mapmaker

I think a lot of people dream of going freelance. Working for themselves, setting their own hours and workdays, running their lives from the comfort of a home office. But while there's a load of advice articles out there which have a title along the lines of "Five Things To Know If You Go Freelance,"… Continue reading How I Became A Freelance Mapmaker

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Identity, Community, and Barriers Between Us

Someone recently asked me if there is such thing as the 'Writing Community.' The #WritingCommunity is how many of us got where we are now. We jumped on follow trains, tag games and hashtags to build large follower counts, hoping to build an audience for ourselves. Along the way, we learned that most of those follows are completely useless, because you'll never interact with them.

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9 Months, 100 Followers and 70 Posts Later…

I can't believe I've been doing this nine months already. But yep, the other day I tipped over the 100 followers benchmark, and that seemed like a fitting time to reflect on my blogging journey so far. I want to talk about how things have changed and what I've learned since I started this in… Continue reading 9 Months, 100 Followers and 70 Posts Later…

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The Most Chaotic Pantser In The World

We write differently. We all have our own processes, things that work for us and things that don't. Some are more chaotic than others. Being a chaotic writer is a challenge all in itself. As someone who doesn't do much outlining, its easy to feel like your way of writing isn't legitimate, that you aren't… Continue reading The Most Chaotic Pantser In The World

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What Football Team Do I Support?

Apparently, if you like to watch football (soccer, to you Transatlantic people), you have 'a team.' A club you'll support no matter what. A club you buy merch for, cheer when they win crucial games, and cry when they get relegated. So, what team do I support? Well, I support Portsmouth. I spent a year… Continue reading What Football Team Do I Support?

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I Made Medieval Pottage!*

*Okay, so, not really. It contains potato, which was only brought to Britain in the 1580s. But pottage was still being eaten by that point, so I'm sure somebody made something similar, at some point? I did it because I wanted to cheat. See, traditional pottage (so-called because it was cooked in a pot) was… Continue reading I Made Medieval Pottage!*