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Inspiration: How Medieval Towns Worked

A lot of fantasy writers draw inspiration from medieval Europe - or what they think is medieval Europe. This means kings with absolute authority, dirty peasants, shifty merchants, grubby towns and - besides a handful of inept town guards who seem to work directly for the king or local lord - a total lack of… Continue reading Inspiration: How Medieval Towns Worked

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Why I Chose to Publish Indie

I've noticed the old traditional vs indie publishing debate is swirling around Twitter again, so I thought I'd add my thoughts to it, as someone who chose indie publishing, and explain why I did. I think writers are generally neurotic people, and when it comes to publishing, we fall into two camps of anxiety: First,… Continue reading Why I Chose to Publish Indie

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How I Became A Freelance Mapmaker

I think a lot of people dream of going freelance. Working for themselves, setting their own hours and workdays, running their lives from the comfort of a home office. But while there's a load of advice articles out there which have a title along the lines of "Five Things To Know If You Go Freelance,"… Continue reading How I Became A Freelance Mapmaker

Honourable Mentions

How To End A Short Story – With Examples From The Mandalorian

People ask me from time to time how to write a short story. "I start off well, with a setting and characters and an interesting situation," they tell me, "but it just gets bigger. Before I know it I have another novel." In my opinion, the actual writing of a short story isn't all that… Continue reading How To End A Short Story – With Examples From The Mandalorian