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How To End A Short Story – With Examples From The Mandalorian

People ask me from time to time how to write a short story. "I start off well, with a setting and characters and an interesting situation," they tell me, "but it just gets bigger. Before I know it I have another novel." In my opinion, the actual writing of a short story isn't all that… Continue reading How To End A Short Story – With Examples From The Mandalorian

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How to Write Fantasy Heroes

More than any other genre, fantasy is a place where people like to build big plots. After all, the world is literally yours to make: everything from the mountains to the countries to the person living in that tiny house on that farm - it's yours, built from scratch. We all want to impress people… Continue reading How to Write Fantasy Heroes

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How to market your book

If you want to achieve the dream of living off the income from your self-published books, you need to sell a lot of copies. Fortunately for us, we have free, first-hand access to the largest book market ever invented: Amazon. (That's if you aren't bothered about giving them even more money, anyway.) However, there are… Continue reading How to market your book