Eyes on the Blue Star

And when it falls, that tall, brittle, unbalanced edifice, it will crash to the ground with an almighty scream, dear. And someone inside will have tilted the wall.

Teenager Naomi flees the home of her aunt and uncle in Pennsylvania, determined to see if the rest of the world is as bad as the propagandists say. She joins an ex-mercenary and a Bluestar on their way to the distant eastern city of Bostonia, a famous bastion of freedom.

Operating underground, the Bluestars know each other by two marks: stars sown under their clothes, and their passphrase:

‘Eyes on the blue star.’

Their mission? Free the people of Pennsylvania from the grip of the dictatorial Governor-General.

But political machinations in Bostonia threaten to lead to war with Pennsylvania – which would destroy the work of the Bluestar rebels.

Eyes on the Blue Star is a short, experimental novel set in the shattered remnants of a far-future America, a time in which our own era is nothing more than myth, a time in which monsters walk the Earth again, travel is dangerous, authoritarianism is ever-present, and for most people, every day is a fresh fight for survival.


Eyes on the Blue Star is available to be purchased internationally in both paperback and ebook from Amazon.