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What I Wrote In February 2020

Hello and welcome! You're very lucky, because this is my first monthly update to feature my new and swanky word tracker chart. There's no hiding for me: every single word I wrote (and didn't write) is recorded on the graph below. Oh, and if you're interested in what I wrote last month, here's that post.… Continue reading What I Wrote In February 2020

Honourable Mentions

How to market your book

If you want to achieve the dream of living off the income from your self-published books, you need to sell a lot of copies. Fortunately for us, we have free, first-hand access to the largest book market ever invented: Amazon. (That's if you aren't bothered about giving them even more money, anyway.) However, there are… Continue reading How to market your book

Fantasy, Worldbuilding

How To Write Fantasy Creatures

We all want to make our readers marvel at the detail and beauty of the worlds we create, and one of the best ways to do this is to show the daily lives of the people who live there. In a rural setting, most of their lives will be dominated by farming crops and rearing… Continue reading How To Write Fantasy Creatures

Fantasy, Worldbuilding

Why Skyrim’s Intro Is Actually Excellent

I'm starting a new blog series about worldbuilding. I'm going to use examples of good and bad worldbuilding to teach you how to make better worlds in your own writing. And since I've recently been on a Skyrim high, we're going to start there. Skyrim's intro gets a lot of flack from the gaming community… Continue reading Why Skyrim’s Intro Is Actually Excellent