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Cooking Corn Fritters And Frikadeller!

I’ve got the house to myself this week (the fam are on holiday), so I’ve taken the opportunity to try cooking some new foods! I’ve taken some recipes friends have given me and had a go at cooking them, without googling pictures beforehand to see what they should look like. A fun challenge! And I get to eat some new foods, too.

Corn Fritters

First up are my corn fritters. These were done by combining mashed corn, chopped onions, flour, and eggs in a mixing bowl, seasoning with salt and pepper, and frying in the pan for three minutes on either side. They came out looking a lot like omelettes.

They were quite nice, but I thought they could have been better. When I looked up pictures of actual fritters, I could see why: clearly, while mine weren’t raw, they needed cooking longer to get that crispy edge. I’m wondering whether I didn’t use enough oil, or perhaps I didn’t whack the heat up high enough.

My rather sad fritters…

Either way, I can see what I did wrong, and the flavours were great. I’ll be giving them a go next week and hopefully that time I’ll get it right. Still, cooking new foods blind is always fun, and I was glad to give these a try.
… Have nothing on the real thing. (source:


Next up were frikadeller, which some Danes call the national dish of Denmark. It’s certainly eaten over there an awful lot, based on the research I did. These are effectively pork meatballs, spruced up a bit in some cases with egg, milk and flour, and apparently they’re often served with boiled potatoes. Since both I and my eating accomplice consider boiled potatoes to be the worst food ever, we opted for mash instead, with some milk, cheese and thyme added.

I loved these and will definitely have them again.

These were delicious. And, I think, mine turned out pretty similar to the internet version! Which was a nice ego boost after the fritter disaster.

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