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I Made Medieval Pottage!*

*Okay, so, not really. It contains potato, which was only brought to Britain in the 1580s. But pottage was still being eaten by that point, so I'm sure somebody made something similar, at some point? I did it because I wanted to cheat. See, traditional pottage (so-called because it was cooked in a pot) was… Continue reading I Made Medieval Pottage!*


How We Buy Food (And How We Used To)

We've all been to one of those old-fashioned candy shops, haven't we? You walk up to a large, heavy wooden desk, chat to the shopkeeper and tell them what sweets you'd like, and how much of each. They (or their assistant) then take the sweets from their storage jars, weigh them out, bag them for… Continue reading How We Buy Food (And How We Used To)