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I Made Medieval Pottage!*

*Okay, so, not really. It contains potato, which was only brought to Britain in the 1580s. But pottage was still being eaten by that point, so I'm sure somebody made something similar, at some point? I did it because I wanted to cheat. See, traditional pottage (so-called because it was cooked in a pot) was… Continue reading I Made Medieval Pottage!*


The Centuries-Old Spice Blend We Don’t Use Anymore

This one's a bit of an assumption on my part - but I'm pretty confident in it. I watch a brilliant YouTube channel called Townsends. They're a group of historical re-enactors who make videos about American cookery in the 1700s. It's an interesting time to explore - much of the food is exactly the same… Continue reading The Centuries-Old Spice Blend We Don’t Use Anymore