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Our Alphabet Sucks, We Need A New One

This post is meant to be taken in jest! The English language is a mess, isn't it? It's all mixed up, made up of words from all different languages. Sometimes the same letters in the same order don't make the same sound, to the despair of second-language learners. The Americans knew it was a mess… Continue reading Our Alphabet Sucks, We Need A New One

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The College Interview

Last year I lived in Portsmouth, a city on England's south coast. The most densely populated urban area in Western Europe, if you believe Google - more dense than Inner London. It didn't really suit a loner like me, but I still came to love the place, and it was great hearing the raucous chant… Continue reading The College Interview

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My First YouTube Video (Why I Like Fantasy)

Yeah, I bit the bullet and made a video. The first one I attemped wasn't very good. I read from a script, and it really sounded like it. Blah. But I have like 30 draft blog posts for this blog now (most are just titles or notes for when I come to write them). I… Continue reading My First YouTube Video (Why I Like Fantasy)

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Keep Writing

I'm in a mood to say stuff today. Stuff that might motivate you. Stuff that might scare you. But it's stuff I strongly feel I need to say. There are lots of things people don't understand about writing. There's a kind of mysticism that surrounds writers and the act of writing. The 'muse', as some… Continue reading Keep Writing