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A Minecraft Tale

In the past I’ve enjoyed reading AARs (After-Action Reports). They’re blog write-ups of someone’s playthrough of a game. Sometimes they’re even more fun than actually playing. They add a bit of story to the game, a bit of extra imagination.

I played Minecraft again, so here’s a little AAR for you.

I woke up on a flat peninsula surrounded by ocean. There was a beach nearby. Perhaps I’d been shipwrecked?

Everyone knows the first thing you need in Minecraft is wood. So I went and punched a tree down.

Chuck Norris would be proud.

Having turned the wood into planks, a crafting table, an axe, a pickaxe and a shovel in a matter of moments (I’m very industrious), I scanned the land around me. There was a dusty old well buried in the sand over the water, some bare hills, and a long stretch of ocean.

And a little atoll. With a ship wrecked on it. My ship?

Was this how I got here?

I gingerly made my way over to it, getting very wet in the process. (Un)fortunately, it was deserted. I was here alone, I guess.

But it wasn’t empty.


Yes, I found some iron and gold. What a lucky break that was.

I burst out, gasping for breath. And saw the sun was quickly dropping below the horizon.

I had nowhere to sleep – and when it’s dark, the monsters come out.

In a fit of panic, I built a frankenstein’s shed of dirt and wood and squatted in it til morning. I didn’t want to spend many nights like this if I could help it.

Ugly but zombieproof.

When morning came, it was time to retreat from this damp peninsula and head inland, to see what I could find. At the very least, I had to find higher ground to build a shelter on. Into the savannah I went.


I made some shears out of the iron I found. I wanted to find some sheep and make myself a bed.

It turned out, I wasn’t as alone as I thought.

Sheep! And… houses?

I quickly ran across a small herd of sheep. And in the distance were some jungly-looking houses. Did these sheep belong to those people?

Probably, but I sheared them anyway. πŸ˜‰

The village was beautiful, the people friendly.

Pretty jungle houses!

Though their irrigation practises left a little to be desired.

It’s a good thing no-one had built at the bottom of this hill!

Night fell again. Luckily, one of the villagers was kind enough to let me use his house… without me asking permission.

Look! Basically a mansion. That’s the fellow who confronted me the morning after. Apparently it’s his house.

Anyway, he wasn’t so happy about my decision, so I quickly set about making my own house. Right beside the village, of course. After all, this was a lonely world, and I wanted the protection of that big, hulking metal guy who was stomping around.

I think he was a little mad that I was cutting down the village’s trees.

It took a few days, but I threw up a cosy little cottage of my own, a place where I could sleep without disturbing the villager, who very courteously let me sleep in his house (without permission) for a few more days as I finished building.

And here it is!

The villagers told me it looked silly, but that’s only because it looks different to their houses. Personally, I’m happy with it. Though I could do with some glass for the windows…

And that’s as far as I got.

Well, I hope that was fun! If I do any more on this world, I’ll post it here πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “A Minecraft Tale”

  1. Such a cute house! I love seeing how other people play these games (but not enough to watch videos of them doing it). You’re brave to build a house so close to a village – I always worry about starting raids and zombie invasions if I spend too much time in a village.

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    1. Aah I missed this comment!

      Yeah, I took a risk. I figure it’s that golem’s job to sort that out, not my fault if it goes wrong. πŸ˜‰ I’ll build a second house somewhere else though!

      Liked by 2 people

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