My New Book is Out!

Hi everyone! Long time no see. Oops.

These days I’m much more active on twitter (@dewiwrites) and on my newsletter, where I send out an update every month. But today is a special occasion, because my new book is out available to buy!

Eyes on the Blue Star is a short, experimental novel set in a ruined far-future United States. The central government has fallen, replaced by a series of successor states like the Republic of Albany, the Commonwealth of Bostonia, and the dictatorial Pennsylvanian Provisional Military Government, which threatens the freedom of the neighbouring independent cities.

It is a harsh world haunted by monsters known as Swampers, whose origins are a mystery. Common people scrape a living from day to day, labouring under the threat of authoritarian governments, rampaging warlords, and evil creatures.

Against this bleak backdrop, Naomi, a runaway teenager, Housen, an ex-mercenary, and Ryley, a rebel freedom fighter, band together to make the journey to the distant city of Bostonia, a famous bastion of freedom, in search of a better life.

If that sounds like your sort of thing, you can get yourself a copy here!

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