I’m Dewi, author and freelance illustrator. When I’m not incessantly walking, I’m usually writing a short story or working on a map for a commission. Or playing video games. I also work on the admin side of things over at Lost Boys Press! If you want to know more, look below for my books and for the interviews I’ve done across the internet. ❤

Published work and interviews

‘The Shield Road’ – my collection, featuring 14 interconnected short stories that take place chronologically in the same world.

‘Chimera’ – an anthology of mashup monsters containing my short story, ‘Swamplights.’

‘Heads and Tales’ – an anthology of paired stories based on folklore – it contains my story ‘The Herdsman,’ paired with Alex Woodroe’s ‘The Herbalist,’ a take on a Romanian folk story.

‘Heroes’ – an anthology of reimagined hero stories containing my sci-fi Arthurian retelling, ‘Gwenhifar and the Vat-Knight.’

Interview with ‘Merryn’ – a writer’s Wednesday interview with merryn.org, where I talked about the origins of my writing.

Interview with ‘Seriality’ – an interview with seriality, where I talked about my books, my favourite characters and writing routine.

Interview with Raine August – an interview with a good friend of mine, Raine, where we spoke about all things words and writing!