When Edward II Saved His Wife From A Burning Tent

If you know a bit of English history, you know Edward II. He was the king who was killed by a red-hot poker being shoved up his behind. (Note: that almost certainly didn't happen.) He was a tyrant, he abused his power and was ultimately punished for it when his wife returned from the continent… Continue reading When Edward II Saved His Wife From A Burning Tent

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How England Manages Its Castles: A Success Story

In my last castle post I said I'd talk about how England's main castle custodian, English Heritage, actually works. Here we are! Enjoy! The UK government has been looking after 'important' ruins for a very long time. The National Trust, for instance, is Europe's largest conservationist charity and it was founded in the 1800s. But… Continue reading How England Manages Its Castles: A Success Story

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Pontefract: The Key to The North

This post is part of my Grand Castle Tour! You can find articles on lots of other castles here! I just want to start this post by saying: don't get too excited. Pontefract castle ain't there anymore. We have the English Civil War to blame for that - the bane of medieval historians. It was… Continue reading Pontefract: The Key to The North

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Barnard Castle: The Fortress Sold For Parts

The Normans, led by King William, conquered England in 1066. They took the south easily, but the north was another matter. William eventually acquiesced and allowed some powerful northern Anglo-Saxon lords to keep their power. For decades after 1066, the Anglo-Saxon northern lords were fair-weather vassals at best, and after several rebellions William acted to… Continue reading Barnard Castle: The Fortress Sold For Parts

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Conwy: A French Castle In North Wales

Some of you really enjoyed my Conisbrough castle post. I was quite surprised, actually. But then, I suppose it makes sense that folks who love fantasy are also going to be interested in the minutiae of castles. So I'm back, and this time I'm here to tell you about Conwy castle, the French (Savoyard, specifically)… Continue reading Conwy: A French Castle In North Wales

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The Grand (Castle) Tour!

Hey folks and happy saturday! What a month it's been so far, huh? I certainly didn't see this coming on the 1st of March. Which was, by my recollection, about three years ago now. At least it feels that way. Anyway, the longest month in history is officially coming to an end, so you'll see… Continue reading The Grand (Castle) Tour!

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Conisbrough: England’s last Norman castle

History Conisbrough gets its name from the Anglo-Saxon Cyningesburh, meaning "King's Fortress." In the late Anglo-Saxon period it was the centre of a large estate owned by Harold Godwinson - who history buffs will know as the last Anglo-Saxon king of England. After his defeat, the estate (it was not yet a castle) was given… Continue reading Conisbrough: England’s last Norman castle