Everyday Law for a Medieval Peasant

If someone asked you how Medieval society was organised, you'd probably tell them it was a feudal system. And you wouldn't be wrong. At its heart, feudalism was a system of relationships where people exchanged labour or service (especially military service) in return for land. This was the stuff that the nobles were mostly preoccupied… Continue reading Everyday Law for a Medieval Peasant

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How England Manages Its Castles: A Success Story

In my last castle post I said I'd talk about how England's main castle custodian, English Heritage, actually works. Here we are! Enjoy! The UK government has been looking after 'important' ruins for a very long time. The National Trust, for instance, is Europe's largest conservationist charity and it was founded in the 1800s. But… Continue reading How England Manages Its Castles: A Success Story

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Conisbrough: England’s last Norman castle

History Conisbrough gets its name from the Anglo-Saxon Cyningesburh, meaning "King's Fortress." In the late Anglo-Saxon period it was the centre of a large estate owned by Harold Godwinson - who history buffs will know as the last Anglo-Saxon king of England. After his defeat, the estate (it was not yet a castle) was given… Continue reading Conisbrough: England’s last Norman castle