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The Grand (Castle) Tour!

Hey folks and happy saturday! What a month it’s been so far, huh? I certainly didn’t see this coming on the 1st of March. Which was, by my recollection, about three years ago now. At least it feels that way.

Anyway, the longest month in history is officially coming to an end, so you’ll see my ‘What I Wrote In March’ post next weekend. But before that, I have something to tell you.

So it sucks that we’re all stuck inside for god-knows-how-long now, doesn’t it? So maybe you’d like to come and see some castles with me? Digitally, of course.

After all, my first castle post, the one about Conisbrough, was a surprise hit. I love rambling on about castles and all the strange things you notice if you look closely enough, and apparently there are other people who like reading that stuff. With that in mind, I’m shaking up my April posting schedule.

Saturdays are gonna be the usual thing: an assortment of history, fantasy, writing and so on. But every Wednesday through April I’ll be taking you round a new castle, telling you the history of the place and interesting stuff about its architecture. Trust me, it’s gonna be a blast. And since I’m gonna be stuck inside all day every day, there’s no excuse not to stick to it, right?

me looking distinctly windswept
Bearing in mind that organisation and consistency are not my strong suits, and the world is pretty stressful at the moment. Sneak preview: I’ve prewritten a castle post, so you’re guaranteed to see at least one!

Anyway, that’s that for now. See you on wednesday for the first of hopefully many castle tours! If you really don’t want to miss out, don’t forget to follow my blog by putting your email in at the bottom of this page (or just click the follow button if you’re on WordPress!)

This is a perfect time to say: if there’s a castle you’ve always wanted to get the historian treatment, let me know over here! I’ll write it for you.


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