Minneapolis Bookstores In Need of Help

The tragedy that’s befallen Minneapolis this week is awful. It’s hard to watch, even from over here in the UK. I can’t even imagine what it’s like living through it.

I haven’t said much on social media because I didn’t see how I could add anything to the debate. But it’s since emerged that two beloved independent SFF bookstores have been attacked – and one is entirely destroyed. So I thought I’d use my blog to give them a boost, even if it’s a small one. Please consider sharing their plight far and wide so Minneapolis doesn’t lose them.
Uncle Hugo’s (source:

Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore

Uncle Hugo’s was one of the oldest independent SFF bookstores in the US, established in 1974. It was a casualty of the riots, burned to the ground in the early hours of Saturday morning. They’ve lost everything – their books, their building, all of it. You can find their Facebook page here, where they’re in the process of organising a crowdfunding campaign. Please consider backing it when it’s up, or spreading the word if you can’t. There’s also their website where they have a newsletter.

DreamHaven (source:

DreamHaven Books and Comics

Another great SFF bookstore in Minnesota that was attacked on Friday night/Saturday morning. They were also broken into, glass all over the floor. Looters attempted to set fire to it but failed, but the store is still in a right state. They’re asking any who can to come and help with the clean up. Facebook here, website here, and Twitter here.

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