4 thoughts on “YouTube: Is it worth going to uni to study creative writing?”

  1. Nice video! I like the background better this time.

    I also enjoyed hearing about your experiences and perspective. A formal education can round-out your knowledge in a good way, but I don’t think that it is essential.


  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. It’s an interesting concept of cutting off bad habits before they can really develop. Perhaps it also brings a bit of sensibleness and maturity? I don’t plan to go back and get any writing qualifications, but it’s interesting to hear about them. (20 critiques in a week is a lot!!)

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    1. I think it helped me see my writing maturely and objectively, so I’m very glad I did it. But it’s not for everyone, and you can learn it all without going. I’d say it just speeds you along a bit 🙂

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