Map Art Commissions

Introduction and Work Process

I usually make maps for authors to go in the front matter of books, but I’m completely open to doing maps for display or other purposes, too. Just drop me a message for a rough price estimate!

Fantasy maps are my most common order, but I’m perfectly happy to work on historical, contemporary and sci-fi maps as well.

For rates, look below. When making a map, I need some form of reference so I know what you want. I ask for a simple sketch so I can be as accurate to your vision as possible. If you have a couple of paragraphs of information about your world’s geography, that’s good too. As I go, I’ll keep in touch with you, showing you my progress, asking questions about things which are unclear to me and asking you to suggest changes. I’ll send you in-progress images at a lower resolution than the final image: once you’re happy with the map, I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal and send you the full-resolution image in both .jpg and .png formats.

For copyright information, see ‘Other Important Information’ at the bottom of this page.

I am happy to work either through email or Twitter messaging.

If you’re unable to use PayPal, let me know and we can work out another method of payment.

Basic Black and White

A standard black and white map! Your version would look something like this, with forests and mountains created using the brush I made myself. Price will vary depending on the level of detail and whether the map is single or double-page.

Price: £90-100.

Detailed Black and White

A more in-depth black and white map. At this level, the trees and mountains are hand-drawn and entirely unique to your map, and I’ll make unique markers for your cities and other locations. I’m happy to add texture to terrain and ocean, as seen here.

Price: £120-130.

Basic Colour

A standard map in colour, with different shades and colours for different pieces of terrain and a solid ocean colour.

Price: £130-140.

Detailed Colour

A detailed colour map, with varying title styles and shading to give the world a sense of depth. I can add custom features like compasses, borders, and canyons so your map looks exactly how you want it to.

Price: £150-180.


A map designed to look as though it was drawn on parchment or paper!

Price: £120-140.

City Maps

I’m perfectly happy to do city maps in any of the styles listed above! Please note, though, that city maps usually take a bit more time, so the price is higher – add £20 to the price of any previously mentioned style for the city map version.

Price: +£20 onto a previously mentioned style.


Some projects fall outside this usual range, whether because they’re unique, complex or more in-depth than any tier mentioned. If you feel like this is your map, get in touch with me, listing your map’s specific requirements, and I’ll give you a quote.

Other Important Information

On revisions: Once I have a draft of your map, I’ll send it to you asking if you need any changes making. You’ll list the changes and send them to me. This is a ’round’ of revisions. I offer two rounds of revisions for free; each subsequent round costs £10.

Buying a black and white and a parchment/colour version of a map: If you buy a parchment or colour style map, you can also buy the black and white for £30 extra.

COPYRIGHT AND OWNERSHIP: As the original artist of the piece, I keep the copyright, but you get reproduction rights and exclusive use rights. You have the right to use the image in books, prints, stickers, or any other kind of merchandise, including for commercial purposes, as long as you aren’t passing the image off as one you created for yourself. Attribution isn’t required (ie, including © Dewi Hargreaves somewhere around or on the image), but it is appreciated. I retain the right to use the image in a portfolio or to show to potential clients as an example of my work, but won’t post it publicly until you have, to avoid accidental leaking of embargoed images (for example, if you wanted to do a ‘map reveal’ as part of a book launch.)

Get In Touch!

Please remember to include, if you have it, the following information:

  • What style of map you want,
  • What size you need it to be,
  • When you need it by,
  • Whether or not you have a sketch.

If you like, you can also get in touch with me on Twitter at @Dewiwrites.